About Us

We are experienced

ACG is a team of engineers who came together and specialize in all aspects of civil engineering and land development. With over 80 years combined experience, our engineers offer expertise, creativity, excellent results and outstanding
customer service.

Our Engineers

Cristian Ortan, P.E., President

Mr. Ortan functions as the President and a Principal Engineer at ACG, LLC,. With over ten years experience in civil engineering and structural engineering, Mr. Ortan excels at precise design and completion of residential and commercial projects in a timely manner. Specializing in storm drainage, grading and earthwork, erosion and sediment control, storm water management, site plans, and structural design, he coordinates with county reviewers, developers, and construction companies to complete the desired outcome in an effective and efficient way.

By providing good interpretation of county codes and ordinances, he assures accuracy in every facet of the project. Mr. Ortan formulates precise proposals and estimates that produce quality work. With the ability to see projects as a whole through an architectural and engineering eye, he provides comprehensive knowledge and experience that gives a well rounded product.

Robert L. Sproles, P.E., Principal

Mr. Robert Sproles currently serves as a Principal and Senior Engineer at ACG, LLC,. Having over forty years experience in the civil engineering field, Mr. Sproles excels at the planning, layout, design, and construction of major commercial/retail, office, residential and industrial projects. He specializes in flood plain studies, storm water management, hydraulics, design of sanitary, and water facilities as well as erosion and sediment controls. Having over ten years experience in Public Works Projects gives Mr. Sproles the ability to interpret and apply the zoning and public works ordinances and policies. His duties include preparing proposals and accurate estimates for projects; designing site plans, grading plans, feasibility studies, and completing them in a timely manner.

Mr. Sproles has designed and completed residential, industrial and commercial projects in Northern Virginia Jurisdictions as listed herein. He completed the engineering in four office projects at Tysons Corner including Westpark and Westgate Office Parks consisting of twenty mid-rise office buildings with parking structures, and Freddie Mac Headquarters and Office Campus, comprised of five mid-rise office buildings with parking structures, and Fairfax Square Retail/Office Complex Project containing three buildings with a four story parking structure. He also designed the Marriott Hotel; a mid-rise building with a parking structure located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, and was involved in the Ashburn Village Project in Loudoun County. This project consisted of 5,000 mix –use residential units and also included the design of infrastructure for the project including roads, sanitary sewers, water distribution, and storm drainage facilities including storm water management and B.M.P.'s.

Reza Hakimi, MSCE, DPE Principal

Currently serving as principal at ACG, LLC,, Mr. Hakimi has twenty three years experience in the field of land development. With extensive experience in designing residential homes, tailoring to specific projects and plans, Mr. Hakimi balances the desired goal through ingenious coordination with local agencies. Having over twenty three years experience in designing industrial, commercial, residential, and public facilities, allows Mr. Hakimi the attentive eye for seeing innovative and efficient ways to accomplish projects. With wide range of specializations in design of storm, sanitary sewer design, water facilities; Strom Water Management and Flood plain analysis.

Extensive experience in designing and developing multiple subdivisions, Mr. Hakimi produces quality work in a timely manner. Having specialized experience with the formation of hydrology and hydraulics for watershed, he knows just the right way to configure the water structures on your land. By having a depth of understanding of all the surrounding counties, he excels at grading, site plans, proposals and specific design work to deliver excellent outcomes.

We deliver results

ACG is more than a civil engineering company; we are a customer oriented design team aimed at creating and planning projects to the specifics of our clients needs. At ACG, we strive to excel in all areas of our business; whether it is working at large projects, with the commercial industry or with the individual homeowner.

It makes a difference for you as a client when you choose our firm. We have good standing relationship with the engineers and reviewers in this business; so we can help you bring these engineering plans to reality. Whether that is tailoring the plans to satisfy the County requirements or the dedication to meet with numerous reviewers and agencies, we are committed to go the extra mile for our clientele.